Hi, I'm Kate.....

My interest in holistic medicine began as a teenager, after a Shiatsu therapist taught me how to ease my horse's back pain, using hands-on energy healing. However it was only later on in my thirties that I reconnected with this inner wisdom through the practice of Reiki, and it has continued to guide my life ever since.

Originally from the UK, I have travelled and lived abroad intermittently over the past 18 years, and am currently settled in Ubud, the spiritual hub of Bali. 

the-space-between-healing is a one-woman Reiki academy and healing centre, offering comprehensive, certified in-person and online Reiki courses.

My intention is to create an open, supportive space where students have the opportunity to gain the knowledge, practical skills, confidence and motivation required to maintain a regular self-healing practice, and deliver high-quality, professional Reiki treatments to others.

My teaching style is authentic and down-to-earth; combining ancient spiritual philosophies with practical scientific knowledge, in an attempt to de-mystify and translate abstract concepts into relatable, accessible practices.

Reiki has transformed my life in so many ways. Practicing Reiki makes me feel more and more like 'myself'; my true self. There’s nothing that brings me greater joy or fulfilment than empowering others with the ability to heal themselves, and become the happy, healthy individuals they wish to be. I feel deeply thankful to be able to share this with you.

Interview with Gili Air Slow Food and Yoga Festival


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