Reiki Treatments

"Step into the fire of self-discovery;
This fire will not burn you;
It will only burn what you are not."
- Mooji


Receiving a Reiki treatment supports the body’s innate desire and ability to self-heal,

cleansing the system on all levels, promoting balance within body, mind and soul. 


Benefits Include

Relaxation and reduced stress

Alleviation of depression & anxiety

Release of emotional blockages

Hormone balancing

Improved digestion

Regulation of sleep

Relief from aches and pains

Increased energy levels

Deeper sense of clarity, inner peace and well-being​

Reiki healing is a complementary therapy that can safely be used alongside medical treatment. This gentle technique is suitable for all ages and any state of health, from a newborn baby to the frail and elderly, pregnant mothers and surgical patients. Unlike most other forms of hands-on therapy, there are virtually no cautions or contraindications to treatment.

No matter what you are going through, Reiki healing will leave you feeling more empowered to address any challenges you may be facing.


In-Person Reiki Healing



Sessions begin with a brief consultation before the treatment is given. Reiki healing is received lying down, fully clothed, on a comfortable treatment bed. Gentle hand placements are applied either on, or just above the body, starting at the head and ending at the feet.

During a session you may experience warmth or tingling, moments of insight, or simply a deep sense of relaxation. Individual responses vary greatly, and often differ from session to session.


After a treatment there will an opportunity to discuss your experience and address any questions.

60 minutes

£37 ($50 USD)

Distance Reiki Healing


Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive healing from the convenience of your own home. If you are unable to attend a treatment in person, remote healing sessions are an equally effective option to consider, as the body responds in exactly the same way.


Sessions are conducted live via Zoom.


You will be guided on how to prepare yourself and your healing space. Just as with an in-person session, you will receive a consultation before and after the treatment to discuss your experience and ask questions.

60 minutes

£37 ($50 USD)

What People Say...

"I have been very lucky because I have had the chance to have a few Reiki sessions with Kate, both in-person and by distance. She is an amazing Reiki healer. She is very intuitive, her energy is calming, she is very warm-hearted and empathetic.

Once Kate started the in-person treatment I could feel a lot of warmth coming from her hands and tingling all over my body. I was sinking into a very deep state of relaxation. She could tell me so much about what was going on in my body energetically. and what the connection to mental topics was as well. Talking to her gave me so many important insights and understandings about myself. She definitely took a big part in my spiritual journey, and through knowing her, I am able to grow even more until today. 

The distance Reiki is simply magical. We set a time for the treatment and I was laying down on my bed at home. Then she sent me energy from the other end of the world and every time (!), I could feel the energy in my body like a warm wave filled with love, light and healing. I felt like I was floating. It made me feel  so much better every time I received the distance Reiki and I am so thankful to Kate for sharing this beautiful gift with the world."



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