reiki level I & II


Kate teaches private 1-1 and small group courses on an ongoing basis. Each level is taught over the course of 2 days.  The 2 levels can be done separately or in combination. Course details and prices can be found here.

Please get in touch to check availability.



beginners yoga workshop


Create strong foundations for a lifelong practice on this 3-hour interactive workshop.


Can be taught on request for a minimum of 3 people.


Price: 350,000 IDR per person.


Please click here for full details.

yin yoga workshop


This 3-hour deep dive into the the world of yin yoga in relation to the five elements can be taught on request for a minimum of 3 people. 

Price: 350,000 IDR per person.

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reiki circle


60-90 minute class suitable for all experience levels.

A Reiki Circle is the perfect opportunity to experience a taster of what Reiki healing has to offer. The class will be begin with an introduction to Reiki healing, after which you will be guided to lay down and relax while Kate channels Reiki to the group through a combination of distance and hands-on healing.



reiki share


60-90 minute class for Reiki practitioners.


Whether you are a recently qualified or well-seasoned Reiki practitioner, this is a valuable opportunity to connect, share, support and heal. This session will take the form of group healing treatments, delivered to one recipient at a time by several practitioners. When practitioners work together this way it creates a beautiful bond and delivers a powerful healing force.



reiki-yin yoga


60 - 90 minute class suitable for all experience levels.


Reiki-Yin Yoga beautifully combines these two complementary practices. Relaxing seated or reclining Yin postures are supported by Kate's gentle Reiki healing touch. The postures are held passively for longer periods of time, accessing the deep fascial layers of the body. This soft, meditative practice opens and enhances the body’s energetic flow, helping you to connect with their own inner healer and journey deep within.

hatha-vinyasa yoga

60 - 90 minute class suitable for all experience levels.

Kate’s practical approach towards safe, functional alignment, steady pace of teaching and strong emphasis on detailed alignment cues has an Iyengar-style flavour to it, allowing the space required to really explore the depth of each pose within the flow.

upcoming offerings

New projects currently in the making that will soon be available. 


reiki immersion


7-Day Reiki Level I Immersion suitable for all experience levels.

7-Day Reiki Level II Immersion suitable for Reiki Level I practitioners.


Experiential Reiki trainings delivered in an immersive retreat setting, integrating additional complimentary practices such as yoga, meditation, akashic record reading, sound healing and water blessing ceremonies, spanning over the course of a week.

online reiki community


Exclusive to The Space Between Healing Reiki graduates.


When you become a newly qualified Reiki practitioner, it can often feel a bit daunting. This online community is designed to help graduates connect, stay motivated, maintain a regular self-practice, trouble-shoot queries or challenges that arise from offering treatments to others and building a professional Reiki business. Resources include live group Zoom calls, an active Facebook community, videos, audios and printed literature offering guided practices and Q&A opportunities.



Bali Orphan Day Centre

Kate teaches weekly yoga classes to a group of teenagers at the Bali Orphan Day Centre in Ubud. This non-profit organisation is an education centre set up for children who have lost one or both parents. These children are given free access to meals and classes, providing the opportunity for them to learn languages, get creative with visual arts and music, learn how to grow and cook their own food, and practice yoga.



Sumati Concept Collective


The Space Between Healing has recently joined Sumati Concept Collective, a global collective that brings together practitioners from complimentary artistic and wellness fields, helping to foster creative collaborations.