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beginners yoga workshop


Every Friday 1:00 - 4:00pm

H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air, Indonesia

Price: 300,000 IDR


This 3 hour workshop covers all the essential elements, teaching you how to align yourself in all the key poses and sun salutations, gaining a foundation to create good habits in your yoga practice.

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yin yoga workshop

Every Sunday 1:00 - 4:00pm

H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air, Indonesia

300,000 IDR


Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, opens up and enhances the body’s energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. This is a beautiful opportunity to explore this deeply healing, meditative practice in a small group environment.


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new & full moon meditations

Bi-monthly 6:15 - 7:15pm

H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air, Indonesia

100,000 IDR  - All proceeds will be donated to help families affected by the Lombok earthquake.

These significant phases of the moon bring with them a heightened force of illuminating energy which can be harnessed to create positive changes within our lives.  

These guided meditations will be used to focus our energy around the theme of each individual moon to help reveal and release old blocks and behaviour patterns, making space to seed new intentions and manifestations.

meditation dates 2019

3 Jun: New Moon                   29 Sept: New Moon 

17 Jun: Full Moon                   14 Oct: Full Moon

3 Jul: New Moon                     28 Oct: New Moon

17 Jul: Full Moon                     12 Nov: Full Moon

1 Aug: New Moon                    26 Nov: New Moon

15 Aug: Full Moon                   4 Dec: Full Moon

30 Aug: New Moon                26 Dec:New Moon

14 Sept: Full Moon    

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yoga & meditation class schedule


Kate teaches a variety of group drop-in classes at H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, in Gili Air.

Please check out Facebook for a weekly schedule.


class descriptions


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A popular dynamic style of yoga practiced worldwide that connects breath with movement, flowing from one pose to the next. No two Vinyasa classes are the same and this style is quite athletic. These classes lead us through a journey of the elements, moving through earth, water, fire, and finally into air.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

The foundation of all yoga comes from Hatha. Poses are held for several breaths ensuring correct alignment, inviting a sense of physical well-being and peace within your practice. Hatha incorporates standing and sitting poses, breathwork and meditation.

Yin Yoga

A class consisting of seated or laying postures, held for longer periods of time, stimulating and releasing the connective tissues and fascia.  This encourages detoxification of the organs and muscles, leaving you feeling restored and relaxed in body and mind.

Hatha Yoga with Bamboo Sticks

The bamboo stick is a beautiful tool for helping to open the chest, shoulders, mind and heart. Be like the bamboo in body and mind – “strong yet flexible” and this unique experience will open you up to a new dimension of yoga.

Aqua Yoga

This class takes place in H2O's beautiful, specially designed aqua yoga pool. A fun and unique way to experience yoga from a different perspective, tapping into the therapeutic qualities of water, we bring a new awareness to our balance and range of motion. 

Introduction to Meditation with Breathwork and Qi Gong

An informative class that will give you tools to develop your own meditation practice. As we move through four meditation techniques, with the inclusion of seated and walking meditations, breathwork and Qi Gong, you will become more focused, stop the wandering mind, and start to tap into your inner voice.

Pranayama Meditation

This practice is designed to help balance and centre our energy, ready for the day ahead. A combination of breathwork and meditation techniques will help to calm and focus the mind. The perfect medicine first thing in the morning!


Duration: 75 minutes

Price: 120,000 IDR

Discounted rates available when you book our class packages.